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COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to current government restrictions please read the COVID-19 guidelines which apply to all classes and camps. 

Quarterly Classes

Learn to sail Open Skiffs, RS Fevas, 29ers, or Windsurfers with in-depth instruction in small groups.

Weekly School Break Sessions

One week sailing camps offered during Spring, Summer and Winter break.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to current government restrictions the following guidelines apply to all classes and camps.

1. Classes are now open to beginner sailors in addition to intermediate and advanced sailors. Each class is limited to 8 students, with no physical contact, no sharing of equipment, and remaining a minimum of six (6) feet apart at all times.

2. Weekly classes will start after summer camp ends each day, with time allotted for cleaning of equipment.

3. Instructors will conduct talks on the grassy area above the dock, with six (6) feet of separation, or more, between all sailors and instructors.

4. Boats and equipment will stay together, and students will be assigned to one boat for the entire camp or class session.

5. Boats will be staged on dock prior to camps and participants will be sent in groups that allow for recommended physical distancing. Depending on camp size staggered launches may be utilized.

6. A minimum of six (6) feet of separation will be maintained between participants at all times, while on land and at sea.

7. Camps and classes will be limited to singlehanded sailing only, unless sailors are from the same household.

8.  Hand sanitizer will be provided by the club. All sailors and instructors will sanitize their hands upon arrival and throughout the camps and classes.

9. All sailors and instructors will wear face masks or UV sailing masks at all times while on land.  Sailors and instructors must bring their own face masks or UV sailing masks.  Masks will be available for purchase from the club, in the event a participant forgets or loses their mask.

10. Each participant must bring their own life vest, face coverings, sunscreen, water, harness and any other equipment as necessary.

11. The club will take temperatures via non-contact thermometers upon each participant's arrival.  Anyone registering over 100.4 degrees will not be allowed to attend.  Parents must wait with their sailor until they have been cleared to sail (no fever for 72 hours).

12. For summer camps, lunch will be provided and eaten on the docks, which will be marked off to maintain appropriate physical distancing.  Sailors and instructors may choose to bring their own lunches, but the club does not have a refrigerator or microwave.

13. The club will require all sailors and parents to sign and agree to a physical distancing statement that allows for removal from class if distancing guidelines and face mask rules are not followed.

14. After camp or class, sailors will be required to maintain physical distancing until they are picked up or have departed.

We appreciate your cooperation in following these guidelines.

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